Property Investors LLC
Property Investors Holdings LLC

Since real estate investing has been the foundation of the Cantor Companies, it was a natural extension to form a relationship with a strong residential investment company.
Property Investors, LLC is based on a solid residential realtor and investor that for over 25 years, has been buying and selling investment homes with a focus on foreclosures, turning them into profitable opportunities.

Cantor Companies Partnerships and Affiliates

Property Investors LLC and Property Investors Holdings LLC are distinguished real estate acquisition companies focused on compiling diversified portfolios across Florida’s residential, multi-family, industrial, and commercial land asset classes. Each company continues to source and capitalize on opportunities generated by distressed situations from various institutions and private equity firms while operating a robust portfolio resilient to unstable market conditions.

The conservative approach to underwriting consists of purchasing failing assets well below replacement cost to prepare for an exit strategy. Expedited funding of each asset is what sets these companies apart from the competition and attracts sellers. The team members uphold extensive knowledge of construction, real estate contract law, and finance to strategize and execute large transactions, even on short notice.

Portfolios encumbered by liens, probate issues, default, pending foreclosure sales, and vacant deed-in-lieu homes are common products where these companies have instilled their presence. These arrangements have successfully halted further legal proceedings, saving all parties time and capital. Property Investors LLC and Property Investors Holdings LLC welcome all sellers of said opportunities to agree to bid review and resolve further loss in critical time of need.

Property Investors LLC and Property Investors Holdings LLC have gone and will go above and beyond for their previous, current, and future clients. Integrating a “Success for All” approach to problem-solving has humbled each company’s core strengths and developed the farthest-reaching capabilities with precision. Property Investors LLC and Property Investors Holdings LLC have a strong foothold in capitalizing on niche distressed asset opportunities.